Fiberfest Eureka!! Festival Eureka Fiber Fest
1st weekend in August
Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Eureka MT
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Demonstrations ~ All Day
We will have open Knitting and Spinning circles available to all!  In addition, we will have the following demonstrations:

  • Crafts for all ages by Victor Aquino – All Day Sunday
  • Various Knitting Techniques and Stitches by Sheri Lynn of Brave Dog Knits - From beginners to advanced, come visit our cozy knitting corner to watch the demonstrations or take a hands on mini-class for Beginner Knitting, Continental Style Knitting and Backwards Knitting (no more purling) - All Day Saturday and Sunday  + A Magic Loop Class on Sunday at 11:15 AM!
  • Demo a variety of new and used Spinning Wheels by Shelley Stone of The Yarn Underground - Interested in purchasing a new spinning wheel, or want to test drive some different models or types?  Shelley will have a variety of wheels on display!  - All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Spinning Art Yarns by Siri Larsen of Montana Woolworks - Demonstrating how to spin from the lock or cloud to create a yarn with character - All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Washing Raw Fleece by Nansi Castillo of Twisted Fleece - Demonstrating various methods and tips for washing raw fleece - All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Tatting Demonstration by Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne of MJM Handmade Creations - Learn to make beautiful lace! - All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Spindle Spinning Angora by Debbie Eagley of Indigo Angoras - Learn how to spin Angora Rabbit fiber on a spindle!  Angora fiber provided and spindles (top wood whorl locally made in Idaho) available for use or purchase, while limited supplies last!  - All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Sheep Milking Demonstration by Tammi Michaels of Michaels Mountain Sheep – Yes, sheep can be milked as well! Come see the milking demonstration – Saturday 11 AM
  • Let’s Play with Felting!  Create a critter in our Felted Forest and/or Wet Felt a Hot Pad! – All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Portuguese Style Knitting by Nikki Flora - Demonstration of a very comfortable method to hold and tension your work - All Day Saturday and Sunday 
  • Take a break! - Stretches for Knitters and Spinners by Madeline Keller-King - We as crafters spend a lot of time sitting, and doing repetitive motions with our hands as we create our wonderful works! Madeline has an extensive background in dance, and a regular yoga practice, she has pulled some basic, accessible stretches from both to help us stay limber, and ease the tension we all get from our crafting sessions. Come take a short 15-20 minute break in the Stretching Circle! (All stretches and exercises CAN be done from a chair! All levels of flexibility welcome!) - Saturday at 12 PM and 3 PM, or see Madeline at the Wooley Mammoth booth

            *And more to come!!

Feel free to join (some fees may apply to participate) at any time throughout the day, ask questions, watch, learn, teach or simply enjoy the company with other fiber enthusiasts!  

Each year we have a wide variety of activities and demonstrations for all age and skill levels!  Please see below for the list of upcoming demonstrations during our next annual event.  Activities will continue to be added as they are scheduled.  
To register, please mail form and payments to:

    Fiberfest Eureka
    c/o Nikki Flora
    PO Box 242
    Trego, MT  59934

To pay online, use the contact form below to request your class reservation and to be invoiced via PayPal
Painting with Wool
Using natural and dyed wool, mohair locks, many fluffs of other natural fibers, and a felting needle participants can "paint" a picture on a piece of felt. The picture can be of anything - landscape, an animal, a pet- bring a few pictures of your own for inspiration, but the instructor will have samples too. The painting will be wet-felted after the picture is completed to make the finished item appear to be part of the flat felt.

Instructor:  Laurel Orthmeyer of Blue Cloud Angoras

Register now to reserve your spot!

Schedule:  Saturday 1-4 pm or Sunday 1-4 pm

Skill Level:  Beginners to Advanced

Cost:  $20 per person

Materials:  Instructor will supply all materials needed. There will be a $15 materials fee.
Vintaj Flower Bead Cap Tassel
Create a unique, colored bead capped perle cotton tassel for a fan pull, necklace, mala, bookmark or whatever your heart desires.  No beading experience is necessary to complete this lovely project.

Instructor:  Stephanie Fredin of Boho Beads

Schedule:  Mini Class all day Saturday or Sunday

Skill Level:  Beginners to Advanced

Cost:  $10/kit per person, all materials included.  Additional materials to finish this project to your plan are available at the Boho Beads booth for a nominal charge.
Beginning Natural Dye: Onion Skins
 - one material, three colors!  

Learn the basics of natural dyeing in this introductory course!  We will be making green, bright cheerful yellows, and wonderful peachy/oranges from onion skin dye pots and learning about basic uses of mordants to change/modify color. 

Three 20 gram mini skeins for you to dye and take home are included in the price.

Instructor:  Madeline Keller-King, the Wooly Witch of the West, of the Wooley Mammoth Yarn Store

Class size is limited!  Please register ASAP!

Schedule:  Sunday from 1-2 PM

Skill Level:  Beginners to Advanced

Cost:  $35 per person, all materials included.