Fiberfest Eureka Festival Eureka Fiber Fest
1st weekend in August
Lincoln County Fairgrounds in Eureka MT
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Learn how to navigate the confusing world of online marketing with Amika Ryan (of DIY Sheep Crafts) as she provides an informative workshop for craft business owners.  

Instructor: Amika Ryan of DIY Sheep Crafts

Cost: $5 per person
To register, please mail form and payments to:

    Fiberfest Eureka
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    PO Box 242
    Trego, MT  59934

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Demonstrations ~ All Day
We will have open Knitting and Spinning circles available to all!  In addition, we will have the following demonstrations:

  • Crafts for all ages by Victor Aquino – All Day Sunday
  • Let’s Play with Felting!  Create a critter in our Felted Forest!– All Day Saturday and Sunday
  • Portuguese Style Knitting by Nikki Flora - Demonstration of a very comfortable method to hold and tension your work - All Day Saturday and Sunday 

            *And more to come!!

Feel free to join (some fees may apply to participate) at any time throughout the day, ask questions, watch, learn, teach or simply enjoy the company with other fiber enthusiasts!  

Each year we have a wide variety of activities and demonstrations for all age and skill levels!  Please see below for the list of upcoming demonstrations during our next annual event.  Activities will continue to be added as they are scheduled.  
Rosanne Anderson of Elegant Fibers has been a fiber fan for "about a zillion years"!  She raises her own small flock of non-lamb burger sheep, she loves to knit and spin, and is so very fortunate to have a willing husband who will build almost anything for her sheep and craft. Usually. (She once almost had him convinced she wanted to raise silkworms!!)  She also enjoys all the prep work and is excited to see a year's worth of dirty growth turn into beautiful fluff!

Rosanne attends various fiber conferences and fairs in order to keep current, look for new opportunities to learn, share her knowledge with others and just enjoy the ambiance of the fiber world!

Rosanne has been locker hooking for many years and Pin Loom weaving is her latest passion because it requires a bit of concentration (at first), works up quickly, and is terrifically interesting in deciding what to do with all of these cute squares!  

Fun & Fabulous Locker Hooking ~ Sunday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
Exquisite Weavlings ~ Saturday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
Are you ready to make a scarf, put together a garment, table runner, blanket, or something else fantastic? Then come and learn the wonderfully versatile Pin Loom!  
Look forward to taking your weaving with you when you travel, on a car trip, while watching TV, or anytime you have a few minutes.  Weave it firmly or do a delicate fabric, these little looms are very versatile and come in many sizes. You can crochet the weavlings together to make an afghan or just join the little "bumps" for a lacy, delicate wrap or scarf. This is a craft that goes quickly, for once you learn the warping, you'll fly through the little squares. You may even become so addicted you'll advance to the bigger "pin" looms – all easily transportable as their small cousins that we'll be using. Come and get a good start on your next project!

Instructor: Rosanne Anderson of Elegant Fibers

Skill Level: Just the ability to follow step-by-step instructions and have a bit of patience in the beginning.

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor: Each student will receive a loom, lots of yarns and threads to choose from, needles, a 20+ page handout of various hints, tricks, websites, etc., and plenty of encouragement and fun.  There will be a $40 materials fee.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: Pen/paper and scissors.

Cost: $35 per person
Locker Hooking is a fantastic way to use up tons of stash or "questionable" yarn, wind up with a cushy, beautiful product, and experience the joy of almost instant gratification! Even ugly, scratchy fiber results in a beautiful, durable piece of art. While it is certainly not as intricate, detailed, or exacting as so much of our fiber art world, it provides a wonderfully relaxing experience.  Artists can add to the basic instruction by incorporating strips of material, ribbons, etc., to reflect their own imaginations.  This is a fiber art that goes quickly - students can actually see their progress as opposed to the delicate, ultra-fine garments lots of us never seem to get finished.  Come, relax, enjoy, and get a great start on your beautiful project!
  We'll cover: Finding proper canvas, Edge preparation, Working with handspun, store bought, roving, etc., Cleaning techniques, Saving your muscles and nerves, Time consuming but lovely stitches to enhance the final look, and Various tips to give an exciting fiber masterpiece.

Instructor: Rosanne Anderson of Elegant Fibers

Skill Level: Just a bit of patience!

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor:  Locker hook, Prepared canvas, Roving, Hand spun yarn, Binder yarns, Various "designer" yarns, Bound 28 page instruction book, and especially fun!  There will be a $40 materials fee.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: Pen/paper and scissors.

Cost: $35 per person
Learn to Crochet - Small Nesting Baskets ~ Saturday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
What to learn to crochet? Learn the basics of crochet and how to read a pattern while making your own small nesting baskets!  You’ll get all of the tools and supplies you’ll need to make 3 small nesting baskets in a variety of colors.  Amika Ryan (of DIY Sheep Crafts) is your expert teacher for this fun and versatile crochet class and she’s looking forward to seeing you soon.

Instructor: Amika Ryan of DIY Sheep Crafts

Skill Level: Positive attitude

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor:  Complete crochet small nesting baskets kit including crochet hooks, fiber and pattern.  There will be a $35 materials fee.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: a smile!

Cost: $25 per person
Learn to Nuno Felt - Wool & Silk Scarf ~ Sunday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
Join expert instructor, Amika Ryan (of DIY Sheep Crafts), in your exploration of wet felting on fabrics, and making a full-sized, light-weight wool and silk scarf of your own!

WET FELT ON sample swatches of silk gauze, silk organza, silk chiffon, cotton net, and pure wool fabric.

NUNO FELT a full-sized silk scarf with wool, silk, and Angelina fibers.

Lot’s of fiber colors to choose from!

Instructor: Amika Ryan of DIY Sheep Crafts

Skill Level: Positive attitude

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor:  Complete nuno felt study and scarf kit including wool fiber and silk fabric.  There will be a $35 materials fee.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: a smile!

Cost: $25 per person
DIY Sheep Crafts and the Craft Box was founded by Amika Ryan. She is the owner of Copia Cove Icelandic Sheep.

Amika has been shepherding for four years, and is a serial craft enthusiast! In addition to teaching fiber arts, she teaches handmade craft enthusiasts how to start and grow their profitable craft businesses.

She is much loved and admired by her husband and her shepherdesses-in-training, Madison and Finley who reside with her in Butte, Montana.

Business Workshop:  Grow Your Handmade Craft Businesses (for FREE) with Online Marketing  
  ~ Sunday 10 AM - 12 PM (1 1/2 - 2 hours)
Needle-Felted Sheep Ornaments ~ Saturday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
Do you love sheep and wish you could have some of your very own? Well, I can’t promise a real sheep, but these Needle-Felted Sheep Ornaments are the next best thing!  

In this three-hour fun and interactive workshop, you will create your very own festive and decorative needle-felted sheep ornaments. Choose from white, black, or brown local Montana wool from my own flock of sheep as well as locally sourced yarn to make your ornament. You will have time to complete one ornament in class and have the materials to complete an additional ornament at home, or in class if time permits. Additional kits may be purchased at a student discount price at the end of the class.

Instructor: Tammy Jordan of Goldieknots Montana

Skill Level: No prior experience required

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor:  All materials and handouts are provided by the instructor. Class material includes everything you will need to make two sheep ornaments, which includes the fiber, felting needles, horseshoe nail legs, and felting foam. Additional material and full kits may be purchased at a discount at the end of class so you can continue to create additional members of your flock at home.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: Students should bring themselves, a smile, and their creativity to design their very own masterpiece. Students will be provided a felting tool and needles to use during the class or they may choose to purchase their own prior to the class and bring them.

Cost: $40 per person (including materials)
Intro to Cables Cowl ~ Sunday 1 PM - 4 PM (3 hours)
This class is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of cable knitting as well as those who just want to brush up on their cabling skills. In this fun and interactive three-hour workshop you’ll learn how to do basic cables, ribbing patterns, and knit in the round as well as some additional tips, tricks, and techniques while creating a soft and warm cowl.​

Instructor: Tammy Jordan of Goldieknots Montana

Skill Level: Students should know how to cast on, knit, and purl.

Supplies Which Will Be Provided by Instructor:  This class includes a Goldieknots Intro to Cables Cowl kit which contains your locally grown, hand-dyed Goldieknots Montana Merino yarn, pattern, set of stitch markers, and project bag (a $46 value), as well as a mini resource notebook.

Supplies Student Should Bring to Class: Students should bring a size 7, 16” circular needles and cable needle with them to class.

Cost: $70 per person (including materials)
Tammy Jordan is a third-generation fiber artist who enjoys sharing her passion with everyone she meets. Her love of sheep, wool, writing, and inspiring others to learn led her on the path of running her own business, Goldieknots Montana, which specializes in Montana grown wool, locally processed yarn and spinning fiber, and Made in Montana handmade gift items, as well as educational programming in fiber arts, ranging from fiber preparation to completed projects which she lovingly refers to as “Fleece to Fashion.”

She participated in the Montana Art’s Council’s MAP Program in 2016 and has taught fiber-related classes throughout the state of Montana. She is a member of the Montana Association of Weavers and Spinners, current member and past Secretary and Co-Chair of the Prairie Handspinners Guild in Billings, MT, a member and Secretary of the Lincoln Council for the Arts, and recently began the Lincoln Fiber Circle in her new home of Lincoln, MT.

Prior to moving to Montana, Tammy lived in Southern California and the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania where she was a former Humane Education specialist for the SPCA. Her teaching style is fun, creative, and interactive, and when she’s not in her studio creating or on the road teaching, you can find her spending time with her dogs, sheep, horse, and other barnyard critters.